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Distance won’t get in your way

Leverage tools that bring teams together to work seamlessly, even from far away

  • Adaptability Pick up and hand off work seamlessly through standardized processes
  • Autonomy Give your team resources they need to confidently self-propel their workflow
  • Connection Nurture team synergy and stay connected even from different time zones

Optimize your remote office productivity

Discover powerful tools that bring a sense of ease to your daily work responsibilities

  • A virtual office ecosysystem

    Define workspaces to contain communications, file sharing, department operations, and more

    Empower teams to communicate via a variety of post tools including, polls, task lists with live status, & more

    Save time sifting through conversations, links, emails, and files by using AI to search entire projects in seconds

  • Give teams access to information they need to act

    Fill out Task & Article Posts so individuals have context and a roadmap to get started and make progress

    Use AI to generate workflow templates to synergize team operations

    Improve visibility so teams feel accountable, supported, and motivated

  • Bridge the gap

    Download Morningmate to any device and work from any place with internet

    Communicate via voice notes that allow clarity, speed, and a sense of proximity

    Have AI generate regular work summaries, then tag & notify all team members who need to know

Features to make your heart grow fonder

Introducing AI Assistance

Manage work personally or professionally
at every scale

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