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Re-imagine hybrid work with tools that blur the boundaries of “here” and “there”

  • Enhance clarity Share in detail and expand on ideas through a variety of chat options
  • Minimize distraction Use individually designated chat windows or post threads so conversations don’t get mixed up
  • Shine as yourself In-chat reactions promote a brighter and friendlier work environment

Break the barriers of communication

Wave misunderstandings good bye; clarity has arrived

  • Chat directly

    Chat windows allow for 1:1 or group threads

    Self-deleting secret message mode

    Keep things light with fun image stickers

  • Amplify your voice

    When text alone doesn’t cut it, simplify explanations using voice messages

    voice messages allow eyes to stay forward for safer communication on the go

    Edit voice drafts before sending

  • Encourage input and suggestions

    Share feedback and reactions directly through posts

    Tag everyone involved

    Supplement comments with files for greater detail

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  • Posts & Tasks

    Create posts and start tracking tasks and other important information

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