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Make task management satisfying

Forget outdated processes that drag teams down and switch to one convenient, smart platform

  • Consolidate Manage tasks, team communications, reports, and more all in one place
  • Simplify Get teams managing tasks in a uniform and streamlined way
  • Review See what’s done, what’s in progress, and what needs assigned

Get everyone in on the big picture view

The visibility created by Morningmate tools help teams feel closer and empowered

  • Task List & Gantt Chart

    Group together tasks & subtasks to populate a visual Gantt chart

    Assign tasks to workers & specify task priority from low to high

    Track deadlines and task dependencies so you can steer the team through changing conditions

  • Share information clearly

    Comments, private DM windows, and progress icons make it easy to exchange questions & clarification

    Organize onboarding materials and information in a central workspace to share with new employees

    Build team visibility & confidence with features such as liking posts, status icons, and more

  • Keep up with progress

    Receive notifications when task lists are updated by other team members

    Pin checklists to the top of the work feed so teams can track progress together

    Have AI generate workflow templates based on what has worked well for your team

Your task management oasis...

Introducing AI Assistance

Manage work personally or professionally
at every scale

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