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Perfectly balanced structure & flexibility

All the tools you need to strategize, enact, and monitor plans for a successful delivery

  • Analyze Eliminate confusion by laying out expectations and plan of action
  • Implement Track progress in real time as teams get to work
  • Refine Adjust processes as you see what methods work best by team and project

Bring perspectives together for a well-rounded plan

All the tools you need to coordinate with teams across departments and reach your goals

  • Gather your ingredients

    Use workspaces to organize essential information by project or department

    Have AI generate reports and summaries about past or current trajectories

    Access a centralized, searchable file index to locate relevant documents and other files

  • Get teams working confidently

    Use task posts to define tasks and subtasks by priority and assign responsibilities to teams

    Teams can comment directly on posts to ask questions or provide context & clarification

    Generate AI workflow templates optimized to suit the way teams prefer to work together

  • Keep a finger on the pulse

    Use customized polls to allow for public or anonymous feedback from teams

    Send a single link to bring in external collaborators with fresh eyes

    Track ongoing progress with task status icons and a visual Gantt chart timeline

Supportive features for your entire process

Introducing AI Assistance

Manage work personally or professionally
at every scale

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